Concludes in Havana the First National Workshop on Informatization and Cybersecurity (+Videos)

Camila Oliva

With the purpose of contributing to the formulation of an Integral Policy project for the safe informatization of the Cuban society, ended with the words of the Member of the Political Buro and First Vice-president of the Council and State and the Council of Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez and the speech by the Master of Sciences Marina Capó Rivalta, the Program General Coordinator, one of the most important events in the past years in topics of Informatics and computer security, celebrated in the Polytechnic University José Antonio Echeverría (CUJAE).

The First Vice-president of the Council and State and the Council of Ministers, in his speech pinpointed that the process of informatization of the society is leaded by the highest ranks of the Communist Party, the State and the Government, through the Council on Informatization and Cybersecurity created two years ago.

This event gathered 250 qualified experts in eleven work commissions, and 71 presentations were analyzed in which the aspects identified as weaknesses in the diagnostic ran on the computer activity of the country were discussed. At the same time, in the plenary session carried out in the Conventions Palace, connected with 21 venues throughout the national territory, where a total of 11 503 professional received updated information.

One of the novelties that was welcomed was the debating forum opened in the institutional website of the Ministry of Communications; portal visited by more than 73 thousand cybernauts, that gathered 1 346 opinions, most of them accepting the website that contributed to the inclusion and strengthening of the human capital.

The First national Workshop on Informatization and Cybersecurity concluded with positive results, among them the bases for the policy for the informatization of the society, the national priorities of the informatization and the creation of a social organization, which gathers the professionals of this field: the Informaticians Union of Cuba, in order to organize the specialists related to the Information and Communications Technologies of the country.

With no doubt this event allowed motivating the revolutionary forces of the sector to steer the main efforts to the development of the country’s interests, there is an agreement on the necessity to integrate the talent and national efforts to make progress in this strategic field; which will have an impact on the improvement of the necessary knowledge to move forward in the safe informatization process of the Cuba society.   

speech by the Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez  (Video):

speech by the  Marina Capó Rivalta (Video):