Computerizing in a safe way

Computer and informatics technologies comprise an indispensable part in the general development of any society. Day by day they are gaining leadership in people’s routine and they are confirmed as an indissoluble part of the global future we are foreseeing.

There’s in Cuba a strong political will to favor the safe access to information technologies, as well as to boost the diversification of contents and services, in keeping with the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Politic of the Communist Party of Cuba and the Revolution. With these proposes it was created the national platform Red Cuba, which integrates an array of projects in order to contribute to an efficient Informatization process of the Cuban society.

One of the main strategies for the starting-up of this platform, consists of integrating the institutional networks of the country at the moment disconnected among themselves. To this end it is imperative the creation of an infrastructure to make possible the national traffic exchange and the content location in a Public Data Center that will minimize the travelled distance of the users of the network.

Therefore, since February 2014, there’s a modern data center working. Currently it reaches a capacity of 100 TB, besides it has a virtualization platform that allows administrating, operating and managing the support infrastructure for the applications and services of the internet environment, addressed to the business and residential sector, with a high quality and safety standard.

The function of technologies in the performance of the public sector will increase the efficiency and transparency in the managing and will allow and expedite through own software, different managements that nowadays should be done in person.

It also means new challenges for the country on the subject of cybersecurity to spread the use of Internet as a mean of public access and to strengthen its use in the stated-owned and government institutions, so as in the media and centers of social, economic and community interest, such as universities, schools or entities of the local, provincial and national management, among others.

Every and each of these processes done for the Informatization of the Cuban society will require of educational and training programs for users to be prepared on the real risks  on the cyberspace.

In the face of the increasing use of technologies will emerge threats to the cybersecurity, which will represent one of the greatest challenges we need to pay especial attention to. In order to foster its optimal use, the security shall be outlined as an inevitable premise, in order to promote a cybersecurity culture and a permanent training.