About Us

Cyberspace Security Center

It is a specialized structure designed to strengthen security in the Cuban cyberspace by promoting cooperation among all factors involved in cybersecurity nationwide and enhancing international cooperation in this area.


It is meant to contribute to the strengthening of security in the Cuban cyberspace and to effectively coordinate the management of cyber events with an impact on national cybersecurity.


  1. To propose policies, strategies and technological security measures of national scope.
  2. To pursue the response cycle to cyber events with an impact on national security.
  3. To make comprehensive analysis of the information obtained from cyberspace security events.
  4. To promote coordination, cooperation and information-sharing among the various factors in charge of securing nation al cyberspace security.
  5. To foster research, development and technological assimilation activities aimed at strengthening safety in the use of the ICTs.
  6. To build cybersecurity awareness and foster the constant training of the Cuban public.
  7. To cooperate with the relevant authorities of other countries in order to integrate all efforts aimed at preventing risks and threats as well as the response to events in the cyberspace.